VFA Honorees

“We are all women; we are all born under a ban, and whether the wife or daughter of the rich man or the poorest man in the land, we are all outclassed because we are women.”
Emmeline Pankhurst, noted British Suffragette

The Veteran Feminists of America was founded to honor and record the stories of Second-Wave feminist women and men who pursued a feminist agenda without class or racial consciousness and with a devotion to helping other women succeed. Honorees are united in their belief that gender, class, race, or national origin should determine the boundaries of ambition.

Not so long ago women in America were second-class citizens. The present generation need only ask their mothers or grandmothers what obstacles they faced in their youth to discover a world of injustice based on gender.

Today, an unprecedented number of women hold positions of distinction, power and leadership. However, these opportunities are determined, in addition to a woman’s own talent and drive, largely by the societies they live in. There are many places in the world where cultural norms imprison women because of their gender.

In 2010, VFA honored two categories of Texas women. Texas Pioneering Women had the strength, foresight and tenacity to break gender-based barriers and thus are role models for all. Some of these women are also Second-Wave VFA Feminist Honorees who struggled politically and publically in the 1960s and 1970s not only for themselves, but also for future generations of women so that their daughters and granddaughters might know the freedom to follow their dreams.

There are many more women and men in Texas who deserve to be on the Second-Wave VFA Feminist Honorees list. No one was intentionally excluded. If you are a Second-Wave feminist, or know someone else who is, please send us that information so that it can be published here, edited by Bonnie Wheeler, and also included in the next edition of Feminists Who Changed America edited by Barbara Love. We also will amplify the ‘honoree’ segment of this website, so we include here a copy of the information that must be supplied to us (bwheeler@smu.edu) in order to publish your biography as that of a Second-Wave feminist.

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